Passionate about HR & Payroll management that drives successful teams.

managing the heart of businesses like yours since 1994

We create tailor-made solutions for a variety of businesses that help manage people's information across every organisation.

We own our own registered intellectual property that has been developed and tested and we fully understand and apply it within the South African context. GoSmartHR software achieves business goals using smart and superior solutions. It’s more than just an HR system, it’s a people platform that is deeply rooted in tapping into people’s potential.

Your challenges are our challenges and that is why we remain agile and apply the right technology to enable businesses to thrive.
We’re capable of customising our approach to your business’s unique needs, ensuring you get the full potential from your workforce.

GoSmartHR software is your complete workforce knowledge hub.

Passionate about HR Technology that drives successful teams. We’re privileged to work with companies of all sizes across a variety of industries. GoSmartHR modular solutions have been successfully implemented across Africa, Asia and Australasia. GoSmartHR is owned by Absalom Systems (Pty) Ltd. We are proud to have established ourselves as the trusted and smart HR partner for companies like; Deloitte, DHL, Reed Exhibitions, Hannover re, Exarro and AB Inbev.


What can GoSmartHR software do for you?

By focusing on streamlining your HR processes and simplifying your employee data, you can access valuable information in a seamless and unified way with our technology-forward solution. The result is that your HR processes are more aligned with your business goals. Our goal is to provide each of our partners with a unique HR solution that is business-driven, and people-focused.

With almost 30 years of experience, you can trust that we are the proven partner to help your business achieve more through saving you time, and money and boosting productivity and potential. GoSmartHR software doesn’t just help you administer employees. It sets new standards for workforce management through a fluid feedback system.

The GoSmartHR Solution

GoSmartHR software creates a constant ripple effect of improvement for:

HR practitioners

Built exclusively for the HR practitioner, GoSmartHR’s desktop application looks and functions like Microsoft Outlook. Power users – like HR staff – will enjoy the speed, features and responsiveness they need to control even the most complex HR framework. They can maintain HR master data, policies, business rules and procedures that will determine how talent is managed and motivated throughout your organisation.

Managers and employees.

GoSmartHR delivers typical HR services directly to managers and employees through its self-service portal. Performance reviews, leave requests, pay queries and more are available instantly from any standard web browser. At the same time, GoSmartHR’s transaction modules – like time and attendance – that captures real-time operational information into its database.

Executives and decision-makers.

With GoSmartHR’s Business Intelligence tools, executives and decision-makers can delve into its rich information repository to gain a deep understanding of your workforce behaviours. They can fine-tune policies, procedures and talent requirements that can be fed back into the core to create a constant cycle of improvement.

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