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Why do I need an HR Solution?

I’m constantly amazed at the number of companies, in today’s always-on, fully automated, connected world, who still rely on manual or semi-automated (yet disconnected) systems to manage their vital HR requirements.

HR information is far too valuable not to store, manage and secure responsibly.

So what happens when companies do not have a proper HR Management System deployed?

The most common scenario we encounter is HR managers using using a combination of spreadsheets, email, documents, manual forms and a payroll system unsuited to HR needs. The lack of a proper system means:

  • Staff spend too much time on administration, report creation, checking for manual errors, and answering ad-hoc queries.
  • Critical staff data is exposed to the risk of being lost, fragmented, misplaced or captured in formats that make database consolidation expensive and difficult.
  • You may not be measuring and monitoring your critical human resources which inevitably means deterioration and lost profit potential.
  • From a company management perspective, you’re exposed to greater risk of non-compliance with South Africa’s stringent labour law reporting and record keeping obligations.

Implementing an HR system equips you with the tools to maximise your most valuable asset , as follows:

  • It makes the work of the HR department more visible and more acknowledged throughout the organization
  • Accessing information, creating reports and approving workflow is fast, easy, consistent and accurate.
  • Measuring and monitoring your people asset (in terms of productivity, cost, risks, alignment and gaps) accurately, consistently and proactively means the people side of your business will grow and improve.
  • It ensures your HR professionals are up to date with real-time, secure and instant access to staff information from any location.
  • It reduces the time needed for admin and frees up time for strategic and high-value HR activities because managers and employees can now help themselves using self-service.
  • It means no more: frustrating disparate systems and searches through paper files and spreadsheets; tedious report creation using incomplete and out-of-date data; time-consuming phone calls and emails between managers and HR staff.
  • The solution becomes your central source of truth and a secure repository of vital people information for your entire organisation.

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