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Human Capital Management: Maximising the Value of Your Workforce

Human capital management (HCM) is essential to achieving business success. HCM is a strategic approach to managing the people who make up an organisation and ensuring they contribute to the company’s goals and objectives. In this article, we’ll explore the different aspects of HCM, how it can benefit your organisation, and how you can implement

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HR Leadership in a time of crisis – Part 2

The importance of routine Each department within an organization has its own set of challenges and possible threats.  Most departments had risk management and contingency plans in place – at least for predictable risks.  I’m willing to bet, however, that very few have global pandemics on their lists of possible threats! Having been thrown into

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COVID-19 Lockdown – Business Continuation

Following the national address by the President of South Africa relating to the global Corona (Covid-19) virus outbreak and the steps that government are implementing, we assure you that we are prioritising the continued uninterrupted provision of service to our clients, while ensuring the necessary wellbeing of our staff. We are here to help and

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The cost of paid leave and public holidays for employers

It is easy for employees to go online, capture the start and end date of their leave, hit submit and hope it gets approved. When it comes to leave, the greatest challenge employees face is having enough leave days. The challenge for employers is far greater. Especially when public holidays come around and everyone wants

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What is the difference between on-premise, hosted and cloud solutions?

Terminology concerning cloud computing is often bandied about in conversation, often incorrectly, but technically speaking there is a difference between on-premise, hosted and cloud solutions and you should understand these differences. On-premise Most systems/solutions consist of a database of some sort.  For example, a system like GoSmartHR has a Microsoft SQL database SQL DB) that

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