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The triangle of accuracy in HR analytics

As a strategic partner to management, the information and insights HR offers are a crucial part of performance planning across the business. Brendon Gass, CEO of GoSmartHR, a popular South African HRMS, says that modern HR departments are therefore under pressure to make sure their data is relevant, complete, compliant and actionable. “Above all, it

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How to make employee time management pain free

Companies employ costly knowledge workers and subject experts to trade their expertise for an hourly consulting fee and collect a tidy return on their payroll investment. But financial managers often find themselves burdened with time-consuming investigations to understand why actual billings don’t match expected earnings, what causes the deficit, and how to prevent it altogether.

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GoSmartHR Referral Partner Programme Announced

The developers of the GoSmartHR human resources management system recently announced the launch of the GoSmartHR Referral Partner Programme. Brendon Gass, GoSmartHR CEO, says the company chose a referral system over the traditional channel model because it provides greater flexibility to partners and offers protection to their customers. “We found that the classic channel approach

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Forget big data, smart data is what counts in HR

Attracting and retaining the best talent is widely recognised to be an important success factor, if not the success factor, when it comes to achieving competitive advantage.“Unfortunately, too many companies continue to rely on poor information when it comes to manage their vital human resources,” says Brendon Gass, Director at GoSmartHR, a locally developed HR

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