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HR Leadership in a time of crisis – Part 2

The importance of routine Each department within an organization has its own set of challenges and possible threats.  Most departments had risk management and contingency plans in place – at least for predictable risks.  I’m willing to bet, however, that very few have global pandemics on their lists of possible threats! Having been thrown into

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HR Leadership in a time of crisis – Part 1

When it comes to debt relief – encourage your staff to know their rights. South Africa is facing a host of challenges that have affected individual’s lives on a number of levels. Our economy is in a crisis, the stock market is tanking, huge enterprises are folding and we find ourselves facing a global pandemic

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COVID-19 Lockdown – Business Continuation

Following the national address by the President of South Africa relating to the global Corona (Covid-19) virus outbreak and the steps that government are implementing, we assure you that we are prioritising the continued uninterrupted provision of service to our clients, while ensuring the necessary wellbeing of our staff. We are here to help and

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The cost of paid leave and public holidays for employers

It is easy for employees to go online, capture the start and end date of their leave, hit submit and hope it gets approved. When it comes to leave, the greatest challenge employees face is having enough leave days. The challenge for employers is far greater. Especially when public holidays come around and everyone wants

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6 Reasons to Digitise Your Performance Management Process

Digitise Your Performance Management Performance management – loved by some, loathed by others, but as a necessary business function, why not digitise the process? The question is not if you will have performance management in your company, but rather how will you implement it.  For those employees who find the whole process a chore, digitising

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How to be an ethical leader in 6 steps

Do you want to find out how to be an ethical leader in 6 steps?  Do you want to be a leader who inspires your team to make ethical choices or be the one in the news for your bad ethical failures? How to be an ethical leader How does one be an ethical leader

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