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Taking the fear and the chore factor out of performance management

Let’s see the rolling eyes, panic and dread across all the faces in the room when it’s announced that we’re behind on performance management and all managers need to prioritise ‘getting it done’.

Like many of the perceived administrative tasks, performance management has become a dreaded drudgery within companies.  It’s something we know we can’t ignore, but because we’re not doing it smartly it’s become a chore and nobody really wants to do it.

Another tragic side-effect of poorly run performance management reviews is the fear factor from many employees.  The concern that they will be viewed as under performers to be ostracized for their inadequacies.

Changing the perception and ensuring value

Done correctly, Performance Management brings out the best in teams. It ensures you’re not forcing square pegs in round holes and  enables managers to use the right employee for the right task. Ultimately it provides a win-win solution for the organization where employees are correctly placed in positions that allow them to flourish and grow.

It’s time to change your company’s perception of the process and watch how you change the overall productivity soar.  When the process is no longer about pointing out the negatives, flaws and faults and rather about identifying strengths and abilities, everything changes for the better, but how do you get this right?

For a start, by digitizing the performance management cycle you eliminate the tedious admin aspects of the process and ensure that workflows work as they should.

You’ll be surprised how effective the system can be at creating and tracking individual development plans during the performance process and ensures fair process.

In addition, when you can easily retrieve data in meaningful formats, then you can start to drive the correct conversations to provide real value for all involved.

For example, Have you ever considered how the poorer performers got there?

You may be thinking that you don’t have time to invest in the poorer performers, but you’d be missing a trick.

Let’s take a look into who hired these poorer performers – is there possibly a communication gap in the recruitment process?  If you can resolve this issue, you’ll be saving yourself from future misplacements, frustrations and wasted time and money.

What better time for you to fast track your digital transformation process and instill a positive, growth mindset within your organization?

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