GoSmartHR Revolutionises HR Management at Digistics

Cheryl Farley, the HR Executive at Digistics, had a significant challenge on her hands when she first joined the company in 2019. With over 700 employees, the HR Department struggled to manage HR operations using cumbersome spreadsheets.

Everything changed for the better when GoSmartHR entered the picture

While at The Cold Chain, Cheryl had prior experience with GoSmartHR, where she witnessed the system’s power in action. It took some time to introduce GoSmartHR to Digistics, but after the first demonstration, it was clear that GoSmartHR was the right fit for the company. Over and above some obvious benefits, the system provides visibility into employee data that they had never experienced. Digistics has accumulated over 24 years of experience in reliable supply chain execution. Their focus goes beyond product transportation and warehousing, encompassing customer-driven execution, strategic alignment, transparent communication, and comprehensive post-delivery support. They consider their customers’ success as their own and measure achievements based on effective service delivery. Digistics views customers as integral to their business and prioritises collaboration to enhance the supply chain across various stakeholders.

Already a fan of GoSmartHR’s constant product innovations, Cheryl was immensely impressed by the AI capabilities recently incorporated in the product offering.

One of Cheryl’s favourite features of GoSmartHR is the ORGANOGRAMS

She describes the organograms as phenomenal. The real-time updates provided by the system are invaluable, allowing her to have an up-to-date view of the organisation’s structure and headcount at any given moment. In the past, she had to wait a month before receiving such crucial information, but now it is available at her fingertips for each individual in the company.

Revolutionised HR management

Providing unprecedented visibility, ease of use, and real-time insights.

Cheryl Farley and her team can now make informed decisions quickly, driving the company’s success while ensuring employee satisfaction and well-being. With GoSmartHR’s constant improvements, Digistics looks forward to a future where HR operations continue to thrive and evolve.