A picture is worth a thousand words


Do you need help showing decision-makers relevant HR data?

GoSmartHR digitises all your HR data in a single, secure repository covering people, positions, pay and time data collected through work flowed HR processes.

With GoSmartHR Analytics & reporting, see your People data come to life!

Additional SmartBI Features


GoSmartHR includes a free dashboard builder that enables you to build online dashboards with multiple visualisations and drill-down capability.


Visualise hierarchy and organogram data with conditional formatting to bring your organograms to life. Succession with readiness, including employee pictures.

PDF Reports

You can set parameters, scheduled reports and notifications.

9 Box

Visualise and organise talent pools across your organisation.

Data Extract

Extract data to Excel for familiar processing from the employee master data store.

Data Warehouse

GoSmartHR also has a data warehouse to analyse slowly changing dimensions such as employee movements.