Ensure new hires are up to speed, productive and engaged

save time, reduce errors and eliminate overwhelm

At GoSmartHR, we know that the best way to do this is to provide a streamlined and structured onboarding process

We know that the first week of a new job can be overwhelming—especially if multiple people are involved in the process. That’s why we’ve designed our onboarding process to ensure that all employees receive the same consistent experience from start to finish.

Our system allows us to verify employee names and ID numbers before sending them on their way. We also ensure all other relevant and verified data such as banking details, tax numbers and job descriptions are sent to the correct departments. This helps ensure that all required documents are provided at each stage of the process, which means less time spent searching for them later.

Our tools allow you to set up an onboarding program that:

The end result? A smooth-running onboarding process that keeps everyone happy and productive!