Position Management

Hire and retain the best talent to meet the organisation's needs

HR managers are responsible for hiring
and retaining the best talent to meet the organisation's needs.

To ensure success, you must balance your position-management processes with workforce planning.

GoSmartHR automates and optimises time-consuming processes that can be especially challenging for HR executives who do not have access to complete information about jobs or employees in their departments.

In addition, GoSmartHR makes it simple to change or adjust current processes when those processes are not working out as planned or when new tasks arise that require changes in the responsibilities of existing positions.

With GoSmartHR, you can create employee-career maps that help HR managers track progress toward their goals and plan for the future.

The system ensures that the organisation’s existing and future roles are clearly defined, providing a solid foundation for an HR strategy focused on business results.

GoSmartHR’s employee master file houses every attribute about a staff member or job candidate, including skills, competencies, certifications and qualifications, and more, which assists in strategically placing the individual in the ideal position to get the best results.

Using GoSmartHR, you can easily define and document roles within an organisation, how it relates to other roles, to whom the position reports, and what that person's expectations are.

Detailed job descriptions will give you a clear understanding of the minimum requirements for each position, help you benchmark candidates more effectively, and match jobs to key performance indicators.

This, in turn, makes it easier to determine equal work for equal pay and supports decisions on salary increase, career development and motivation. GoSmartHR also provides a detailed org chart to help visually represent the organisation’s various positions and reporting structures.