You need a solid recruitment process to get the best talent for your company

Save time and reduce human error

As an HR professional, you want to ensure that your recruitment process checks all the boxes.

GoSmartHR enables you to:

from applicant screening to final approvals in one place

We know you're busy, and we want to help you ensure that you're filling positions with the best candidates possible.

GoSmartHR allows you to manage everything from applicant screening to final approvals in one place.

Our system allows HR executives to focus on what they do best—managing candidates professionally and with ease, no matter how many people apply. Use pre-configured workflows that streamline the entire process, from motivating for the position to final approvals.

Our system is designed to make the entire process easier on everyone involved: HR execs can manage candidates professionally and with ease; candidates are screened in a way that’s tailored specifically to the role they’re applying for; and managers have access to all of the information they need at every step in the process.

Not only does this save time and prevent human error (and bias) but it also provides a full audit trail of the process for complete transparency.

Introducing Smart i

AI for Recruitment

Smart i is an advanced Artificial Intelligence assistant that will revolutionise how you create job descriptions. Smart i effortlessly generates highly tailored and accurate content, saving you valuable time and ensuring consistency. Read more about how Smart 1 can help you attract top talent.