Time Management

Our integrated biometric time and attendance solution

Less waste, higher efficiency

Time management software

Our Time Management software offers a unique, single platform for Time and Attendance to measure shift employees, and employee timesheets to record project timesheets for salaried employees. With the GoSmartHR leave engine, scheduled and unscheduled leave can be managed for all employees, regardless of how it is accrued, and compared against time recorded for a complete picture of time spent.

Simple, efficient time management software

Time is recorded differently by diverse employee groups. Shift-based employees record time using biometric readers that convert time to normal time and overtime hours based on shift rules. Salaried employees record hours against projects for client invoicing and project expense tracking. All employees take scheduled and unscheduled leave.

Payroll integration

With our software, you can create any work cycle and shift pattern, set grace periods, rounding rules and fixed or flexi breaks. Using trusted SAGEM biometric devices to automatically record clock-ins, the software engine accurately calculates normal time and overtime which can be sent directly to your payroll.

GoSmartHR timesheets record hours for projects against clients, projects and tasks to accurately track billable and non-billable hours. Hours are captured online by employees and managers for the week. Our task-based, approval engine lets managers and the finance department approve timesheets with communication via email and SMS.

You can record expense claims and track the distances from your office to clients to ensure accurate claims.

An integral part of the HR solution

Since our time management software is part of the GoSmartHR suite, it provides rich analytics on the productivity in your organisation to ensure less waste and higher efficiency.

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