Training & development

Skill up your staff quickly and effectively whenever and wherever they are

Training & development

You’ve identified that in today’s competitive environment, skilled employees are a key differentiator for the success of your business.

Whether getting new employees up to speed, keeping staff up to date with new technologies and products or developing leadership skills for succession or business strategy, learning is vital. But traditional training methods can be time-consuming and costly. Now with the GoSmartHR e-Learning you can skill up your staff quickly and effectively whenever and wherever they are.

The GomartHR e-Learning solution

The GoSmartHR e-Learning solution is accessible via browser or tablet so that employees can access training when it suits them and work at their own pace or choose a blended learning approach that combines facilitated e-learning.

Start with skills development plans and plan training based on performance reviews. Book employees on courses and manage their attendance to fill development gaps. Choose from a library of standard, approved eLearning courses or develop your own content with our rapid content development tools. Once courses are completed, track employee skills and time spent automatically.

When used with the GoSmartHR job profile, you can determine current, short term and long term training gaps to ensure that your training budget is most effectively spent and costs can be claimed as part of your Skills Development Levy and Equity reporting. As part of the GoSmartHR Human Resource Information System, e-Learning is integrated and tracked giving you full control over all aspects of your employee talent management strategy.

GoSmartHR e-Learning is quick and easy to implement either on premise or hosted in our cloud. GoSmartHR e-Learning is extremely affordable for all size companies.