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How to Apply to Attend a Training Course

Start off by logging into your user account. From there, navigate to to the Training module: Employee > Learning and Development (L&D).

You can then apply to do additional training via the Requisition tab. You can either apply through your job profile, the company training library and/or something new. The grids can be searched to filter items that meet the search criteria.

Employee Job Profile

To apply for something on the employee’s job profile, click the apply button. Select yes in the confirmation box to initiate the approval workflow.

Something from the Company Library

If Something from the Company Library is selected, the employee must select the course and the provider from the drop-down boxes and complete the other information required including the motivation and notes.

Click the Submit button to initiate the approval workflow.

Something New

If Something New is selected, this implies that the specific course does not exist in the training library. The request and course information will be submitted to the training manager. Generally, the training manager will source an actual course available to meet the employees requirements.

The new course will be defined in detail in the Company Training Library by the training manager and then assigned to the employee if approved. You will be able to see who the designated Training Manager is, by navigating to your Tasks module, and looking under the ‘Pending’ tab.

You will also receive an email to inform you that your Training Requisition has been received and passed on to your Training Manager for further processing.

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