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How to Navigate Leave on the ESS

SmartESS (Employee Self-Service) leave is designed to streamline the leave application to approval process, freeing up both the employees and managers time to focus on their core responsibilities.  

SMARTESS benefits both employees and management as at any time during the application process they can obtain the necessary information on the status of the application as well as feedback as to the result of that application via email notification.

It provides management the tools necessary to make the decision of whether or not to approve an application by publishing all employees on leave for that period in graphical representation. 

Application Tab

On this page the employee will be able to select the dates and Leave types that he/she would like to apply for. 

Take note of the coloured grid in the middle of the two calendars, this will indicate which days are public holidays and if leave applications have been done, what their status is. 


The balance grids display all the Leave types associated with the leave scheme you are linked to, and the balance of each leave type as of Today’s date.

Take note that you can change the date to view your balance on an earlier or later date.


The History grid provides information regarding previous leave applications.

Thank you, we hope this helps!

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