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How to Navigate your ESS Home screen

Once you have successfully logged into the ESS, the first screen you would see is the homepage. You will see a picture of yourself (2) with your Name, Surname, Job Title and Department. The Navigation Pane (1) will list the Modules / Options you have access to. The Display area (3) will show the information of a specific Module you navigated to.

The ‘Latest News’ dialog will also be displayed.  This function provides the administrators with a platform to send out any communication from the organisation to the users, e.g. company newsletters, press releases etc.  

Task Module

The tasks module works in almost the same way as your normal email inbox in outlook.

Results Tab

The results module works better for the manager. It’s a summary for the entire task you receive per employee and how active a specific employee is on the ESS.

Inbox Tab

In the inbox tab, you will have tasks that need your attention; eg. leave applications that need approving (in the case of a manager), notifications from your subordinate staff or evaluations (both self and third party, in cases where you would be asked to evaluate another employee). Basically, the inbox will contain any communication that needs your attention.

Alternative Tab

This tab will contain any communication where you the user have been allocated as an Alternative Option. Similar to a CC on an email, if you are an Alternative leave manager for an employee then in the event of the manager being unavailable to approve a leave application then you as the alternative leave manager will be able to log in and approve the leave.  

Pending Tab

The pending tab will contain items that are currently residing at different location along a workflow.  for example, if a leave application has to go to two or more people (leave manager and HR manager) before it is approved or denied, once the leave application has been submitted by the employee and is received by the leave manager, the leave application will appear under the pending tab i leave application is approved by the leave manger and moves on to the HR manger then the application will 

The same would apply for a group evaluation, once you have filled in an evaluation it will appear in your pending tab until it has been to everyone in the work flow. 

Completed Tab

This tab will display everything that the employee has completed, leave applications, evaluations, etc.

Thank you, we hope this helps!

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