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Linking Users Accounts on the ESS

Creating New Employees: Linking User Accounts

After a new employee has been created on the SmartESS, the employee will automatically be created as a User. To view this User record, go to Administration > Users.

The newly created User will appear under the Username field as the Employee number that was assigned to him/her. The Company under which the employee was created, as well as the Employee name and surname will also appear.

To edit the username, assign a password and assign the User to an Audit Template, click on the “Edit Record” button next to the username.

When editing the User details, the following functions need to be populated:

  • Password (this is a temporary password)
  • Audit Template
  • Template

Also note that the Username can also be changed to e.g. Sannie

User Accounts: Linking to User Groups

The newly created User will automatically be linked to a User Group and Access to list.

To view this, just click on the ‘arrow’ icon next to the users’ name. Here the ‘User group’ and ‘Access to List’ will be displayed. When the new user is created, he/she will automatically be linked to a User Group.

To add another user group to the existing user group, select ‘Create’.

When selecting the drop-down menu, all existing User Groups will appear – select the relevant one and select ‘save’. The newly added User Group will appear under the User Group list.

User Accounts: Linking to Access to List

When the new user is created, he/she will automatically be added to his/her own Access to List.

To add additional employees to the Access list, select “Create”. A drop-down list with all of the company names and numbers will appear under the “Company” drop-down. Select the relevant company in which the employee that you want to add is located.

After selecting the relevant Company in which the employee is located, all employees in that specific company will appear under the Employee drop-down list. Select the relevant employee.

After selecting the relevant employee, the Permission Template can be selected from the drop-down list.

Once selected, select ‘Save’. The newly added employee will be displayed as below:

When logging in as e.g. Sannie, she will have access to both herself and Charlie AAnEmployee.

We hope this helps, thank you!

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