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The Organisational Module on the ESS

The Organisational Module allows the user to view personal employment details such as Employment/Appointment date, department, Job Title, Cost centre and most important the employees Reports to structure.

Particulars Tab

Again the fields can be customised as per the companies’ preferences. By default and as a security measure, all fields in Organisational particulars tab are not editable.

Reports to Tab

The “Reports to Type” is extremely important as it defines who should get leave applications and notifications as well as who the employee can appraise and who is appraised by the employee.

Organogram Tab

Contracting Tab

The Contracting tab is used to view the different contracts the employee was working on and to add Contracting details.

Creating a Contracting record
Please note that this is an Administration function and should not be performed by any other user. Click on the create button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Click the ‘Update’ button to save the record.

We hope this helps, thank you!

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