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If you’re keen to see the SmartPay payroll solution in action, we’ll gladly schedule a demonstration to show you exactly how the system could transform your payroll processing.  In the meantime, these commonly asked questions may provide even more reasons why you should switch today.

No limit, employees may be added as required without any issues.

Yes, all your payrolls/companies are loaded on a single database. You are also able to view the employees simultaneously, irrelevant of their pay frequency.

Yes, data is updated within a live environment, resulting in all changes being current. There is also no limit to the number of users that may be logged on simultaneously. Thus, no lost processing time.

All statutory changes are updated automatically by us. This includes medical aid tables, tax, UIF, and SDL changes.

Your data is very secure. Data can be stored behind a VPN as a secondary line of security. All users can have very specific permission templates set up to ensure that they only see, do and change what they are allowed to see, do and change.

Yes, personalisation in terms of logos, backgrounds, and colors is possible – it’s encouraged to increase user acceptance.

Very easy, especially with our convenient search functionality and set up of your own personalized favorites menu.

It is possible for Smartpay to integrate with various software systems, including time and attendance software, HR software, and accounting systems such as Xero. This integration enables the smooth transfer of data and streamlined processes within an organization.

SmartPay has a very sophisticated calculation engine, and the possibilities of use are endless. It is relatively easy to use. We have a great training program, and we have training materials available for self-reference.

Depending on the data available and the take-on requirements, implementation can be done in quite a short timeframe. We can also make use of excel sheets for easy import of fixed and financial data.

Clients are able to log tickets via our support desk at any time. Dedicated consultants are allocated to clients to ensure continuous and on-time support and service.

SmartPay FAQs

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