AI for HR Policies

Simplify Policy Writing and Ensure Compliance with Smart i: Your AI Assistant for HR Policies.

Smart i: Your AI Assistant for HR Policies

The importance of crafting HR policies that align with your organisation's values, meet legal requirements, and effectively communicate expectations cannot be overstated.

While the value of these documents is appreciated, they can be overwhelming to create and maintain. But GoSmartHR users no longer have to stress about policy writing and compliance. Our innovative AI assistant, Smart i, is here to simplify policy writing and ensure compliance every step of the way.

take the guesswork out of policy writing

Ensure that your organisation's policies are comprehensive, up-to-date, and aligned with industry standards

Smart i understands the intricacies of policy writing. Whether it’s employee handbooks, code of conduct, leave policies or data privacy guidelines, Smart i leverages its vast knowledge base to generate accurate and well-structured policies that are tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Smart i takes the guesswork out of policy writing. Its advanced algorithms analyse legal regulations, industry best practices, and your organisation’s specific needs to generate policy drafts that are ready for review and customisation. Smart i saves you time and effort by automating the initial drafting process, allowing you to focus on refining the policies to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

Above & beyond

With Smart i, you can ensure policy compliance with ease

Smart i keeps track of regulatory changes and updates its knowledge base in real time, ensuring that your policies are always up-to-date and in line with the latest legal requirements. This saves you the headache of manual updates and mitigates the risk of non-compliance and potential legal repercussions.

But Smart i’s capabilities go beyond generating policies. It also provides guidance and suggestions to enhance policy effectiveness. Whether it’s addressing emerging HR trends, incorporating diversity and inclusion principles, or promoting employee engagement, Smart i offers valuable insights to help you create policies that drive positive organisational culture and employee satisfaction.

How the Employee Profile helps?

Embrace the benefits of Smart i
for your policy writing needs:

Let Smart i handle the initial policy drafting, saving you hours of manual work. Focus your time and energy on reviewing and customising policies to fit your organisation’s unique needs.

Smart i maintains consistency and clarity in your policies, eliminating confusion and ambiguity. Ensure that your employees clearly understand expectations and guidelines, reducing misunderstandings and conflicts.

Benefit from Smart i’s insights and recommendations to create policies that go beyond compliance. Tap into industry best practices and emerging trends to foster an inclusive and engaged workplace.

Stay up-to-date with ever-evolving legal and regulatory requirements. Smart i keeps track of changes, ensuring your policies are compliant and protecting your organisation from potential risks.

Smart i’s customisable options allow you to tailor policies to suit your organisation’s culture, values, and industry-specific requirements. Add your personal touch while leveraging Smart i’s expertise.

Let Smart i be your trusted companion in creating well-crafted, compliant, and effective HR policies that set the foundation for a thriving and compliant organisation.