Introducing Smart i

AI for Recruitment

GoSmartHR's groundbreaking AI assistant

Revolutionise how you create job descriptions.

Smart i is an advanced Artificial Intelligence assistant that will revolutionise how you create job descriptions. Smart i effortlessly generates highly tailored and accurate content, saving you valuable time and ensuring consistency. Read more about how Smart i can help you attract top talent.

Smart i for job descriptions

Are you tired of spending hours crafting job descriptions that fail to attract suitable candidates? GoSmartHR’s groundbreaking AI assistant, Smart i, is here to eliminate the hassle of writing job descriptions. Smart i can generate high-quality, tailored job descriptions in minutes with its advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities.

Smart i optimises for maximum impact

Smart i ensures you don’t sweat the small stuff, like struggling to find the right words or worrying about missing key details. Smart i analyses your company’s requirements, industry standards, and best practices to generate comprehensive and compelling job descriptions that resonate with top talent. By leveraging machine learning and data-driven insights, Smart i ensures your job descriptions are optimised for maximum impact, attracting qualified candidates who align perfectly with your organisation’s needs.

Smart i goes beyond merely generating job descriptions, though. It understands the importance of diversity and inclusion in hiring processes and can provide guidance to ensure your descriptions are inclusive and unbiased. By incorporating inclusive language and eliminating potential bias, Smart i helps you create a fair and inclusive hiring environment.

With Smart i, you can save valuable time that can be better spent on strategic HR initiatives and talent acquisition.

Human errors in job descriptions can lead to mismatches and inefficiencies. Smart i’s AI-powered algorithms ensure accuracy and consistency in every job description, minimising the risk of misunderstandings or miscommunications.

By generating well-crafted job descriptions that attract the right candidates, Smart i helps you build a pool of highly qualified applicants. Say hello to better matches, faster hiring, and reduced turnover rates.

Smart i’s intelligent features help eliminate unconscious biases and promote diversity and inclusion in your hiring process. Ensure fair and equal opportunities for all candidates, regardless of their background or characteristics.

Investing in Smart i is a smart financial decision. By automating job description writing, you save on hiring external copywriters or dedicating precious internal resources to this task.

Smart i is a flexible tool that adapts to your organisation's unique requirements

Whether you need job descriptions for executive, technical, or creative positions, Smart i’s customisable options enable you to fine-tune the generated descriptions to match your specific needs. You can tailor the tone, emphasise key qualifications, and showcase your company culture, all with the help of Smart i’s intuitive interface.

Let Smart i be your trusted partner in creating captivating job descriptions that attract top talent to drive your organisation's success.