Transforming Expense Claims Management

Simplify and expedite your employee expense claim processes, fully integrated with our integrated payroll

Smart Claims: the easy way to manage, reconcile and pay employee claims

Avoid wasting time capturing and processing employee claims

Capturing claims is only half the problem! Time is wasted on the approval and reconciling claim items typically on the same claim. Delays in paying claims can frustrate employees and take their focus off higher value tasks

Simplified Claim Capturing and processing

Effortless Claim Submission

Say goodbye to manual entries. Our new feature allows employees to effortlessly capture expense claims by simply snapping pictures of invoices and receipts or uploading documents directly into the system. This user-friendly approach enhances efficiency and accuracy.


Set up custom claim options for your employees, including defining specific rates for travel expenses. This customizable feature ensures that your organization’s unique requirements are fulfilled.

Our intuitive approval workflow allows for a smooth review of each claim. Role players within the organization can easily edit, reject, or approve claims, ensuring accuracy and accountability in every step.

Effortless Payroll Integration

Seamless Integration with Payroll

Enjoy the convenience of having approved claim items automatically sent to payroll. This seamless integration reduces administrative tasks and ensures smooth transition from approval to payment.

With the claims dashboard, individual claim items can be disputed for investigation without affecting other items approved on the claim. Once disputes are resolved, these items are pushed to the payroll for payment 

With SmartHR, once a claim is processed in the payroll, employees receive their reimbursements directly with their salary. This process marks the claim as paid, offering clarity and closure for everyone involved.

Automated claim management and administration benefits all

Automated processes reduce the time and effort required to manage expense claims, speeding up submissions and approvals.

SmartClaims is part of SmartHR so users have all their information in one place and are familiar with the web interface. 

By allowing digital uploads of receipts and automating calculations, the system minimizes human error, leading to more accurate expense tracking.

Automatic integration with payroll systems simplifies the reimbursement process, ensuring timely and accurate payment of approved claims.

SmartHR’s ability to handle disputes efficiently prevents bottlenecks in the claims process, ensuring smoother operations.

Timely and hassle-free reimbursement contributes to greater employee satisfaction and morale

Advanced analytics provide valuable insights into spending patterns and claim trends, aiding in better financial decision-making.